Emilia Romagna Feast for 2


If Italy has a culinary heartland, that place is Emilia-Romagna – so many of the country’s finest products are made there, and so many of its finest dishes originate there. Here we celebrate them: delicate tigelle, little lardy breads, smothered with roasted squash, fresh egg ravioli filled with ricotta and dressed with creamy sage and butter; brodetto, a traditional sea-tasting dish of Italian cucina di mare where many varieties of fish, herbs and tomato all lovingly marry together, and Torta Barozzi, an iconic cake from Vignola, equidistant between Modena and Bologna. These are the flavours not just of a region but of a history – each dish the sum of centuries of tradition, of hams slowly aged in humid cellars, of cheese gently turned in vast storerooms, of cows growing fat on the lush grassland of the Po valley.

  • Ricotta ravioli with sage and butter
  • Brodetto & crusty sourdough
  • Torta Barozzi (chocolate & almond cake)

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Who made my food? – Your food was made by Jake and his team of chefs, working under Jacob Kenedy

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